Beach Yoga

Yoga on the beach is amazing.

Benefits of doing yoga on the beach are numerous, and there are more positive aspects than this list can possibly cover.

Spending time on beaches and near the ocean is inherently soothing for the human spirit. 

So many aspects of the ocean are wholesome for the human psyche.

  • Exercising in the outdoors
  • Sand is soft and forgiving
  • Fresh ocean air
  • Soothing sights and sounds
  • Swimming in the ocean after yoga
  • Fresh sea breezes
  • Soft sand helps magnify muscle workout
  • Beach sand is excellent for stability and core work

Yoga on the beach in Florida is the pinnacle of beach yoga for many people who live in the U.S. and North America.

Especially during winter, Florida’s beaches are warm and inviting. The water is often warm enough to swim comfortably, even in the coldest winter months.